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Is leaky gut a real thing?

Diagram - LGS

For the past six years I've spent a great deal of time exploring, reading and learning about leaky gut syndrome (LGS). At the time, I was plagued with excessive fatigue, bloated abdomen and my knees were always achy. I thought this is ridiculous! Im a personal trainer, and my body is failing me and I always watch what I eat. What in the world is going on?! I learned about LGS by randomly watching a show on PBS on Saturday. A woman by the name of JJ Virgin. Yes, her name is easy to remember. She began to explain symptoms of LGS and I said to myself, thats what I'm feeling! I bought her book and began the 21 day journey to discover what foods are making me feel like crap. The seven food items that most LGS experts agree on that are culprits include; eggs, soy, peanuts, sugar, gluten, dairy and corn. It turns out I have have some real issues with gluten. I was able to prove it to myself after eliminating it from my body for 21 days, along with the other six highly inflammatory foods. No, it wasn't easy, but I thought I can go without if it helps me solve my issues. I became a believer after this 21 day experiment. I discovered gluten, corn and dairy were causing the majority of my symptoms. My knees stopped being achy, my bloated abdomen went away and I felt more energy! After learning more about what my body needed and didn't need, I had no problem adjusting my nutrition to avoid pain and discomfort. I mean who wouldn't if you really felt better after eliminating the foods that didn't like you, right?! I highly encourage you to take the time to learn and explore your own body. I mean, its like a machine...a chemistry set and we all function a little differently so we need to understand how to feed ourselves to ensure a healthy inside to match our outside.

Also, you can read or follow Dr. Donielle Wilson, a Naturpathic doctor. Dr. Doni is full of valuable information on this topic and her testing methods for LGS are far more involved with blood testing and one to one evaluation. Check her out too.

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