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Personal Training

All personal training begins with a free consultation followed by a full FMS (Functional Movement Screen) assessment to determine best starting point with training plan.  One-on-One training or Partner training is a more customized approach allowing the client to benefit by a personalized attention to training posture and movement.  A recommended service for anyone that is new to exercise and fitness.


Golf/Tennis Conditioning

If golf is your sport, iGive100 offers certified golf fitness training for one-on-one or small group training (4 or less). We are experts in body preparation in relation to your golf swing. Invite your friends to join you in a small group training class and have some fun getting in shape for the greens! Small group classes are offered throughout the entire calendar year!


Core & Glutes

Two of the most important muscles to train; the core and glutes! Core and glute strength is essential to ensure efficient balance and stability on the anterior (front side) and posterior (back side) of the body. Think of these muscles as the base or foundation of a house. Get your foundation strong!


Personal Training  $80/hour
Partner Training  $45/per participant
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