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i give for strength.

i give to clear my mind.

i give to grow.

i give whole heartedly.

for me.

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Welcome to iGive100 Fitness.

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Your health and wellness is a gift. Cherish it.  Feed it. Respect it.

Michele O'Neill — Owner

UW Madison Bachelor of Science,

American Council on Exercise A.C.E, 

Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor C.G.F.I, 

Institute of Motion - life student 

iGive100 Fitness will embrace and support you, challenge you, ask for your full collaboration to meet your goals, laugh with you, find creative solutions that work for you and your lifestyle.

Michele O’Neill, owner of IGIVE100 Fitness, is an experienced and dedicated practitioner of fitness providing her clients with knowledge and inspiration to pursue and reach their fitness goals. Growing up as an athlete and participating in various team sports including volleyball, basketball, and traveling with a competitive women’s triple A fast-pitch team during her Summers. It wasn’t until her first year of college as a walk on to the UW Whitewater volleyball team she was introduced to the benefits of strength training as part of her conditioning program. This was the start of her journey to discover the tremendous benefits gained through a strength training routine. With a zest for fitness, Michele was determined to learn more about the body by competing in her first all-natural bodybuilding

contest in 1990. Her journey to educate others and fascination with the human form continues. Michele has successfully provided guidance and fitness education that has helped clients reach sustainable and realistic fitness goals. The foundation of Michele’s work includes the development of mental conditioning and helping clients develop greater physical awareness and ability within their own bodies. In February of 2017, Michele participated in a specialized anatomy lab course conducted by Michel Dalcourt founder of the Institute of Motion and Thomas Meyers, author of Anatomy Trains held in Phoenix, AZ. The course included a rare opportunity to explore tissues through hands on cadaver work and then applied motion to create a comprehensive understanding the unique nature and role fascial tissues provide. Michele’s practice utilizes all of her experiences and knowledge providing her with the ability to transfer this wealth of knowledge into professional instruction and guidance to help clients learn and grow confidence in their movement and overall body image. Keeping clients moving and progressing safely is her primary goal. Her many years of practice and experience have led Michele to one important conclusion and its really simple.  Never stop moving! 

We would love to have you over


Are you an instructor or personal trainer? iGive100 Fitness is a beautiful studio with plenty of space to train your clients or teach class. Please contact Michele for more information. 608-212-2227


Believe you can

As a chiropractor, i am beginning to teach all my clients michele's core program

"Exercise has always been a very important part of my life and since giving birth to two children, I have experienced many challenges in relationship to my lack of core strength. Over the years, I resigned to the feeling that my body would never be the same.  As a former college athlete and a healthcare practitioner, I knew that strengthening my core was the key, but I felt unsure of who to reach out to for help, as I had tried many methods of exercise and rehabilitation.


I decided to consult with Michele regarding these challenges. She listened and understood my concerns and designed a series of exercises that directly addressed my core. In a nutshell, her program was a new approach for me that incorporated breathing, intentionally slow and focused moves and dynamic body movements.  Michele coached me through proper technique and explained throughly the importance of bringing the exercises into my daily life.  After a few weeks of committing to her suggestions, I felt changes in my core that I had never felt before and I was having fun doing the work.  That motivated me to stick with her program and continue to do the exercises throughout my day. The changes I have experienced within my body in the last 6 months are monumental and exciting for me as a woman. I am thankful for Michele's expertise, coaching and nonjudgmental approach to fitness.  In fact, as a chiropractor I am beginning to teach all of my clients Michele's core program because a strong core is the foundation for a strong spine. I highly recommend her services to any person seeking to improve their fitness and core strength. "

Colleen Hathaway, DC

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